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Social Security Maximization: Keys to Getting the Most from Your Benefits

Many individuals approaching retirement age believe they can rely on Social Security benefits once they retire. While these benefits are an important part of any retirement plan, there are certain challenges in getting the most out of this retirement funding source. Greg W. Anderson, a noted retirement planner and the founder of Balanced Financial, Inc. in Fort Collins, Colorado, knows that to maximize Social Security benefits, his clients need expert advice. He has helped hundreds of individuals create long-term retirement plans that not only establish retirement savings, but also ensure retirement income.

Factors that Influence Social Security Benefits

For most people, the age of 65 is seen as the “magic” retirement age; this age is when individuals and married couples may begin to receive Social Security benefits. However, there are certain advantages in delaying withdrawal of benefits; Greg Anderson helps his clients pinpoint the best time to start taking benefits. To formulate a plan to get the most out of Social Security, consider these factors?

  • How much Social Security have you accrued over your career?

  • What are the options available for single individuals and/or married couples?

  • Does earning income once you take Social Security benefits impact the value or amount of future benefits?

  • Will you pay taxes on the benefits you receive from Social Security?

Expert Benefits Guidance by Balanced Financial

The answers to each of the above questions may influence the size and duration of benefits under the Social Security program. To navigate the options and challenges, Greg Anderson and his team at Balanced Financial have developed a retirement planning process that takes numerous factors into account, including current financial status, future goals, and careful calculation of expected expenses after retirement. With these factors in mind, Balanced Financial creates a roadmap for their clients, giving them the ability to set aside money for retirement while creating reliable and stable sources of income. Social Security has long been a retirement safety net; the more you know about your benefits and what options are available to you, the better you are able to leverage these benefits to their greatest potential.

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